Friday, February 19, 2010

3 day weekend

Zach and I have a three day weekend together! That is something that NEVER happens!
It may just lead to me getting annoyed while he lays around being lazy watching tv all day and I am busy doing chores, errands, and wedding stuff... But oh well I guess...

Monday after the Appointment with the tent people I am pretty sure Zach and I are going to talk to a loan officer to try and figure out what we can afford/get approved for, for a house. I am not sure if my Nana's house that we live in now is where we will end up since we can't get the $8,000 tax credit with it, since we would be buying it from my dad. Or if it will even be in our price range. I mean there are positives about staying. Like we are already settled in and have made some improvements. If we ended up finding another house we would have to deal with the hassle of moving, changing address, house hunting, and the fact that we do not have much furniture. My nana's house came with furniture, which we wouldn't be able to take with us. It is all up in the air. Who knows what will happen. But I would rather we were putting 1100 bucks or more a month towards something we own rather than throwing it away on rent.

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