Friday, April 30, 2010

Hectic week

This week has been insane. I really feel like it has just been non stop and crazy to think that just Monday we were closing on the house. I can't even tell you how many trips back and forth between the two houses we have made. We have moved ALOT of stuff but there is still a ton left. Thankfully we have had alot of help from family and friends! There is stuff in the house still, paintings, bookshelves, books, desk stuff, cleaning products, etc. Plus I haven't even begun to tackle the garage or attic. So all my painting stuff still needs to be moved. I just am so ready to have everything moved and organized in the new house. I hate everything being in dissarray. My clothes are just in a huge mound on the closet floor.
We still are lacking in furniture too. I think Janet and Mike are going to check out this couch for us. Zach and I both like it...
I am also still hoping for this...
And I desperately need to get a desk for my computer. Still thinking this Ikea desk is the best bet...
Jessica is bringing me a dresser and her two couches on sunday. So those will go in the den (converted garage) room. Yay for more and better seating! Then Zachs futon will go in the front room until we get a couch. If we get a couch we will get rid of that fouton. It is super uncomfortable. Only sit in it if you have no choice (our situation now) or if you want a major backache. I will be glad to say goodbye to it. Zach bought some handles for the 50's style dresser (which we turned tv hutch) for the den. I want to get some bun feet for it from Home Depot or Lowes. Then paint it. I originally wanted it white but Zach was fighting for black. So I think we have come to a compromise of painting it green (to match that hutch with the glass door that I also found at a thrift store) and then paint the top white. Now since the top of it is laminate I think we are going to cover that with MDF and put a trim around the edge. It should look real nice when we are done! I have SO much furniture to refinish. I wish I could just have it all done instantly. But realistically I probably won't even get to start any of it until we get back from Ireland. I will probably do the tv hutch first. Then the kitchen table, then the side tables. I am pretty sure I will paint the kitchen table white and the chairs each a different blue green color. Not sure how Zach will feel about it but tough crap for him!

Now: for Art Everywhere (which opens tomorrow  !!!) we got booted early yesterday but apparently we can be there as long as we need to be today. Ashley's already heading up there, and I am going right after work. I have my paintings all polaroid and hanging ready.
I really think it is going to turn out really awesome. Hopefully Ashley can get her hands on a ladder that we can squish into our window to hang our paintings up. I hope that when I get there the polaroids (for the background) will all be up and the top of the wall will be painted. I'm super excited to not only see it finished and how we envisioned it but also to have one less thing to worry about. My wedding is only 23 days away! So insane how fast it is coming up. So much to do before then too, so I will be glad to have this finished.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


I am SO over moving. Who knew just Zach and I could have so much STUFF!! Its just so overwhelming trying to find places to put everything when we are lacking furniture. We've moved a ton of stuff but there is still ALOT left. I just want to be finished. Plus on top of this setting up for Art Everywhere has been a bit stressful. I just do not have the time to do it! Thank god Ashley has a pretty flexible schedule. When all this is over I just want to sleep for like an entire day!

Our Art Everywhere opening is Saturday May 1st from 6-10 then there is an after party at Hell's Kitchen! Come out and see our stuff! (click on image to view larger)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Closing Day!

We do the final walkthrough and then close on our house at 5:30 pm today! I am so excited! I just know this workday is going to drag because I want it to be over so bad! Here's our house and the floorplan attached to the appraisal.(which was $4,000 over what we paid). I know its small but it will be a perfect starter house for Zach and I.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Kitchen Inspiration

I got my May issue of Better Homes and Gardens and inside was a kitchen I absolutely LOVED!
Okay so I pulled some possible paint colors to use in the house, after seeing this kitchen (above) I think I may go with a brighter color than I originally had thought for the kitchen.I definately think I am going to do the walls probably like the second lightest shade, have the kitchen table be white and the chairs a shade darker than the wall.
Right now I am leaning towards Surf Green for the walls and Marina Bay for the chairs. Won't know for sure until I can actually get in the house and hold the paint colors up to the walls.

Benjamin Moore

I have wanted a paint deck for a LONG time, and now that Zach and I are closing on a house in 5 days I wanted one even more. I finally went into Benjamin Moore and asked about them. Not only did I end up with a paint deck, I also got a second paint deck and this whole box of stuff. They gave me a book on exterior finishes with painting tips, and this cool little thing to hold all my paint swatches or files or whatever. Totally awesome!
I can't wait to get into the new house and really start to pick out paint colors!


Kidrobot's blog The Kronikle posted this awesome hand painted Munny. (Or Trikky) This awesome feline is named Felicity Purrkins. The artist is named Lunabee or Sarah Miskelly. View her other awesome creations here. This really makes me want to finally design my Munny's sitting around.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Custom Sofas

Zach and I are on the hunt for sofa's, along with various other furniture for our very soon-to-be home. This morning one of my favorite blogs to follow YHL posted about this company Custom Sofa Design. They offer a HUGE selection of styles and fabric and custom make it for what you need (size wise and everything) for really good prices! Alot of the styles are exact copies of couches from Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, but are a fraction of the cost. It looks pretty cool if I must say so. They will send you fabric swatches too.

My biggest drawback with it is that you don't get to test out how comfortable the couches are. Also I am not sure if they take credit cards and some of the reviews I read were giving negative feedback about the shipping and that they did not get updates. However most of the reviews seemed pretty positive. Definately something to think about if you have a tighter budget but have expensive taste, especially since you can completely customize it.

Art Everywhere

Ashley and I made it into Art Everywhere on Granby Street in Norfolk! Although I am going to be super busy over the next two weeks with my bridal shower, closing on our house on the 26th and moving before the 1st. As well as getting this show ready by the 1st I couldn't be more excited!
Our location is 345 Granby Street, Section D. Here are some pictures.
So not a real big window, but its something. Probably better that its not huge because then thats less that we have to get done in a short period of time. It is pretty tall too.

I am just so excited to get this opportunity. Although I am telling myself what was I thinking to add this on top of everything else going on, I know that this is totally worth it!

For those of you wondering, if there are any of you. Ashley and I are in the same window and yes it is a collaborative thing. Ill just say that it is going to involve both polaroids (and lots of them) as well as paintings that are the same proportion as polaroids with the white border painted on them and the "picture" will be paintings in both ashleys style and mine.

The opening is May 1st and I can't wait!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Odds n' Ends

Remember how I mentioned I got a new dunny shlelf for only $2.98?? Well here is a pic for you! Can't wait to paint it! I can not stress how perfect it is!
I also snagged this goodie! I am still undecided on whether I will paint it or not. Suggestions?
I have sadly not been getting the best pictures out of my camera, it is probably a user error though.
(Both pictures of the fan are the same deck of colors. Colorwise I think the first is a little better.) Janet and I went to Home Depot the other day and I decided to help myself to their paint samples! Some I am already ruling out, like the bright spearmint color and bright aquamarine. I am definately inspired by the beachy cottage look, minus the striped fabric. But I think for our houses colors I am thinking of alot of white, sandy neutral tones, and some greys plus my favorite pale blues, pale blue-greens, and pale greens. With pops of brighter blues and greens. Here is some inpiration:
I really love the light airy feel  with the light pale colors and pops of color with things like blankets, flowers, glasses/ vases, pillows, paintings(mine would work perfect!), and even maybe with a piece of furniture. I think it will make our little house seem larger too.

How to hide a Kitty box?

We close on the house exactly two weeks from today! Which also means our handy cat door and garage  where the litterbox now resides will be no more. Since our new house has a converted garage the litterbox will actually have to be in the house in a room we use. Ick. Now I clean it daily so it smells... as good as a litterbox can smell. The biggest thing is going to be to try and disguise it. I dont even know what room I will put it in yet. I am leaning towards the converted garage (since we will be ripping up the carpet and painting the concrete at least it will NOT be on carpet in there) or a closet. Now I want it to be hidden away so you don't blatently see it. I have been googling things and here is what I have found.
Now most of these cost between 150 and 200 bucks. A little pricey if you ask me. The last one I think is only $100 but I am not sure if my hefty little Lurina could fit too well in it. I do like the plant ones that you could turn around so you don't even see the opening. I am thinking Zach could make some kind of thing out of wood that looks like a cabinet or chest which we could cut a doorway in. If not, then maybe I can find another piece at a thrift store that we could turn into a litterbox holder.I am sure we will figure something out! I just hope we can find a good solution to hide it and hopefully minimize the smell as much as possible, preferably sooner rather than later.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Painting Portfolio!

I have finally put together the images that Jessica took of my paintings! Of course this is not all of them but it is a good start. Sadly Alyssa forgot to bring hers home at Easter. Doh. Enjoy!